Soul Creators

Soul Creators

„If you can dream it, you can do it”

- Walt Disney

„If you can dream it, you can do it”

- Walt Disney

NaLi Natural

NaLiNatural was founded in June 2019. Probably one of the smallest manufactories in the country back then, but with a great heart and products where quality comes first. All the tests that their products have and the quality control that they pass into your hands are made to be 100% safe.

Ola the founder, mind and heart behind the brand waited for 12 long years to make her college dream come through. It was a long journey building her expertise in laboratories of many cosmetic companies. Gathering knowledge, testing and probably what’s most important building her confidence in the field of creating recipes at home and testing new products among her family and friends using herbs and plants gathered near her home. Her products are based only on natural ingredients mixed in perfect proportions. Designed to make your skin feel luxurious and nurtured to the maximum. 

If you would like to know more about her story and her business you can easily visit her home site and social media:


Dwukroopek is a brand founded in 2015 in Łódź that creates jewellery and illustrations inspired by nature.

Monika the artist, painter, educator and businesswoman behind the brand created a place where you can find one of a kind earrings and brooches hand painted by herself. They stand out from other handmade jewellery not only because of wood used to cut of the silhouettes of animals, plants and geometric shapes. Not only because Monika is so talented in bringing her pieces to perfection. Not only because her projects bring joy with their vivid colours and not your every day combinations They are special also because of  the use of non-allergenic plastic screws which proofed to be the only choice for my delicate years – for my delicate ears.

Monika prefers her work speak for her so if you would like to see more of her designs you can easily visit her home site and social media:

Nicnasile Art

A brand founded in the spring of 2020 by Ola who after turning 30 decided to finally show her talents to the world. With her drawers spilling out with her work and a loving support of her close ones she decided to give it a go.

Ola is a creative spirit with great love for arts, handicraft, boho, nature and animals. She tried many techniques that allowed to channel her creativity: painting, felting, calligraphy, embroidery, scrapbooking, clay products, epoxy resin ornaments and finally macramé and their derivatives. She has a natural talent for interior design and she’s constantly rearranging her apartment in new, breathtaking settings. All with her own work. Ola braids magnificent macramés with precise knotting and delicate structures. As everything she makes comes from pure joy of creation her brand name can be translated as “nothing by force” to emphasise the ease that she would like to have in her actions. 

To feel the lightness behind this brand you can visit Ola’s social media profiles here:

IGUA also known as Ewa

Ewa is an energetic bomb that will blow you away with positive vibes, colours and a great sunny smile whenever you encounter her. The brand has existed for 5 years going through changes from a clothes consignment shop to a highly operational sewing workshop. Everything that comes out of her workshop is created according to her concept. Ewa is known throughout Poland because of her main speciality – one-of-a-kind waist bags sawn of scraps of materials called Skrawkowce (impossible to translate ;)).

She is a self made sewing logistics marketing and social media specialist and a real inspiration on how to take little steps in building a business success with authenticity, honesty and positivity.

If you need to brighten up your day just hop on her social media:

Candle From The Island (Swieczka z Wyspy) also known as Gosia

It’s one of the youngest brands in my web shop as it started in lock down in 2020. The idea was planted on a journey to Czech Republic when Gosia entered a small family cosmetics manufacturer in Růžová by mere accident. Her heart was immediately stolen and she started thinking about building a business like that. Pandemics brought a great opportunity to try new things and very fast it was obvious that not only is she finding joy in creating handmade soy wax candles but what’s more she is very talented in combining fragrances into unforgettable bouquets. Opinions from her customers and a community of nearly 1000 people built up in a few months speak for themselves. As the demand for sheep meat has increased for several years now, so has the availability of sheepskins. Hopefully she will be able to build that workshop soon to bring us more of her unique products. I know she is planning to have much more than soy candles.

You can visit Gosia here:

Polish Tanneries

Tanning of sheepskins in Poland has a long tradition. Especially in the Sub-Carpathian region you can find many small family businesses where tanning has been perfected. From there, I carefully selected companies that ensure the highest quality of workmanship, durability and longevity of the skins, which has been repeatedly confirmed by satisfied customers returning for more. The sheepskins in Pretty Simple come from producers who place great importance on finding suppliers of high-quality raw hides, only from proven sources.

They don’t have social media channels, websites  and breath-taking marketing but they create a family atmosphere whenever I visit with a big smile and a cup of  warm tea. I will not be able to introduce them further here  and recall them by name out of respect for their privacy.

Marta Kupsch

Welcome, my name is Marta Kupsch. Amongst many of my talents, I create paintings that support transformation.

Shapes, colours, forms, and geometry, all vibrate with a certain energy. What enhances the message is the intention woven into the painting. I deeply feel that art has played an important part in spirituality and the development of human beings for thousands of years.
Let these representations bring exactly the energy that you need in this present moment to your space. Connect with them and feel deep inside what are they speaking to you about. What is their message to you? Let them serve you well and bring a lot of blessings into your life!

If you feel you are eager to know more about me and my art and would like to connect with me please join my Instagram community:


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