My natural drive to grow and gain new knowledge pushed me to the idea to write articles about everything connected with Pretty Simple products, philosophy, manufacturers, surroundings and so on.

I would like to share all gathered information about sheepskins, their qualities and best practices in their care. I would like to share my fascination with zero waste philosophy (or less waste as I like to call it) and ways to make our presence on Earth a little less burdensome. I want to share the stories of my manufacturers and their expertise in the field of their work.

I’m also very open to your suggestions. If there is a subject that you are interested in please let me know using the proposed contact methods.

I would like to give you additional value here so your engagement in the creation process is priceless 🙂

Mahakala – A Wrathful Deity 

“Wrathfulness is a way of depicting the formidable energy of compassion that cannot bear the sufferings of beings. There is no trace of hatred or anger in it”.   Mahakala is the enlightened guardian of dharma, the Buddhist teachings. The name

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