My name is Agnieszka. I live in Poland stretched between two places I love dearly. One of them is the farthest north-west point of the country, a small tourist town by the Baltic Sea – Świnoujście – my hometown. The second is one of the biggest academic centres, one of the most open, tolerant and vivid cities in Poland – Poznań. Both brought great values to my life combining the need for solitude and being close to nature with the need for being a part of the colourful energetic crowd.

For almost forty years now I’ve been looking for a path in life that would be my own. For strength to start making little steps on that way. Over the years I’ve gathered knowledge, experience, skills and relationships from many structures. Though each of them brought new insight none of them suited me perfectly.

I was a sales specialist and recruitment specialist in one person, a human resources specialist, an assistant to an entrepreneur who travelled through Scandinavia with his van packed with goods made in Poland.

The main value was always the people I’ve met along. I love people. Their diversity, complexity, strength, passion. History they’ve lived and hopes for the future that they nurture inside.

Being closed at home during lockdown I had to find new ways to reach them through the internet and  social media. That was the time my love for handicraft exploded with new energy. I always liked creating. You know the feeling of bringing an idea to life? From the first thought in your head to a real object. The possibility to plant a good intention while you work. The smile of the person granted with the gift of your work knowing how special it is.

My dream to create a webshop with Polish handmade products evolved for three years. I’m ready now to bring you the warmth, comfort and joy of one-of-a-kind natural products for yourself, your loved ones and your home.

My dream is to make them available for everyone no matter how far from Poland they live. 

I’ve created a space according to my values. Where you can feel safe throughout the purchase process because of clear rules and honest information. Where great customer service and friendly communication are natural. Where all products are made of natural and safe materials like wool, leather and wood. Where I take great care to work according to zero waste philosophy, reusing the packaging materials I have, sending you zero plastic packages and proposing electronic documents instead of those printed on paper. Where I take full responsibility for offered products.

Not only because I use them myself and I made sure to select them because of their qualities. Also because they are acknowledged by my customers who bought them in the past few years and are coming back for more.

Welcome to my Pretty Simple world!


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